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Doge Space Army - Founding Cadet Enlistment


Doge Space Army
Edition 100 of 100
5% royalties

2,000 DOGE


In a world set forth into despair from political upheaval, crumbling economies, and worthless fiat currencies man looks to the heavens for a new hope, a new future.

From this dystopian world arises a band of renegade space warriors set forth to colonize the moon, and eventually Mars. These fearsome and loyal band of space brothers are known as the Doge Moon Warriors.

Founding Project Member Benefits

Enlist now to these Founding Project Member NFT's and receive special benefits such as team patches, special discounts, and lifetime access to future NFT Airdrops in new space projects.

Max Supply: 100

Fixed Enlistment Price: 2000 DOGE

Grab these limited edition NFT's and wear them with pride as a 'Founding Member' of the Doge Space Army as we battle against the evil forces of the Ethereum Empire.

ENLIST now to the Doge Space Army!

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